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ADENANTHERA PAVONINA Is commonly called Red Lucky Seed or Love Beans. The beauty of the seeds has led to them being used as beads for jewellery They are also used to weigh gold, silver and diamonds, because they have a narrow range in weight. The plant is a source of dyestuffs. The dye has been used for dyeing clothes, and is used by the Hindus of India for the sacred mark placed on the forehead.

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This is the Remedy’s Amulet.
Our pieces carry inside of their soul real botanical elements, each piece is unique and brings with it the remedy of every plant.
The technique we use to deepen the jewelry in gold or silver is artisanal and friendly, handmade in Colombia.
Each “Remedios Amulet” contains 4 microns of 24 kt gold or 1000 sterling silver and is nickel free.
The color plating may change with time making the plating magical and unique .
To preserve its beauty over the years please protect it from impact and avoid contact with saltwater and acidic products.