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CREATE YOUR OWN AMULET: we, who believe in amulets and small memories, which are often the most important, would like to offer you the opportunity to create a unique and special object. Whether it is for you or a gift to treasure. A stone or a pebble found at a special moment on your path, a twig, a seemingly ordinary object that will have an inestimable value for you from that instant on: your memory, your moment. We offer you the possibility to contact us at the following email to ask us to plate your stone or branch with gold or silver. You can then create your own pendant which we will send back to you together with a leather cord to complete your necklace.
TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY WITH YOU We often think back nostalgically to the paradises where we were able to relax and get away from the stress. Incredible places where we collected beautiful moments and were filled and cared for by their positive vibrations. Carry these vibrations with you always, this healing energy. Gold or silver plate your shell or your little treasure, if you send us your amulet we will send it back to you transformed into a pendant with a leather cord to complete the necklace. You can write to us at for more information.