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CITRUS LIMON and CITRUS SINENSIS known as lemons and oranges, are valued for their distinct flavors and health benefits. Lemons, with their tangy taste, symbolize cleansing and freshness, while sweet oranges represent vitality and abundance. Both are rich in Vitamin C, boosting the immune system and promoting healthy skin. Their aromatic oils are used in perfumes, cleaning products, and aromatherapy for their invigorating properties.

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The phrase “limonata a gambe aperte” literally translates to “lemonade with legs wide open” in English. This colorful expression is used to evoke a sense of ultimate relaxation and refreshment. The imagery of “legs wide open” suggests lounging in a comfortable, carefree position, often associated with sunbathing or lying on the beach. Therefore, when someone refers to enjoying a “limonata a gambe aperte,” they are describing the act of drinking lemonade in a state of complete ease and comfort, embodying the essence of a lazy, pleasant day.

Lemon plated bowl with gold 24k

Orange Plated bowl with gold 24k